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This entry is in response to the episode Legendaddy.

Father & Son

March 21, 2011

Beautiful babies,

One of my all-time favorite songs is the Cat Stevens classic "Father & Son," which is about an aging father trying to impart his son with the wisdom he's learned throughout the course of his life. Or, it's about acid. I go back and forth. Anyway, I reconnected with my own father and, in doing so, was reminded of the various ways in which fathers can help their sons, primarily through assisting in sexual plays. Here's a list of the ones I'm working on...

The Oedipus Rex
The Guess What Else Runs in the Family?
The Houdini and Son
The Wanna Have a Catch?
The Papa Can You Rear Me
The Old Man and the Semen
The Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned
The Don't Wake Daddy
The Father Knows Breast
The Crosby, Stills, Nash and Son
The Bush Dynasty
The Luke-Vader
The My Father, The Hero
The Other Sutherland
The Lick Father, Lick Son
The Snap, Crackle, Here's Pops
The My Father's Peeper
The Field of Wet Dreams
The Family Jewels
The Dad to the Bone
The Hop on Pop
The Papa's Got a Brand New Hag
The Royal Line
The Layin' King

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