Portrayed by:
First appearance:
Full name:
Arvydas (last name unknown)
Also Known As:
Better Marshall (by Barney)
Stripper Lily (ex-girlfriend)
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Arvydas is Stripper Lily's Russian boyfriend.

In 46 Minutes, Ted finds himself missing Marshall and Lily, while Barney imposes himself as the group's new leader. The remaining gang, now including Kevin, go to a strip club, where they encounter Stripper Lily again. Barney tries to make Stripper Lily and her boyfriend Arvydas fit into the group as Better Lily and New Marshall.

Later, after a poker game, Stripper Lily and Arvydas steal $200 from each of the gang, convincing them to go back to Marshall and Lily.

Notes and Trivia

  • Apparently, Arvydas is lunatic who stabbed many prison guards and was in court-mandated therapy session with Kevin.

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