Portrayed by:
First appearance:
Ted Mosby (one date)
Steve (ex-boyfriend)
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Amy is the tattooed girl Ted hooks up with in Wait For It.

She convinces him to get a butterfly tattoo on his lower back, causing him to visit the tattoo removal clinic where he would meet Stella Zinman.

On their date, Amy demonstrated her coolness by providing a date for Barney and mocking him, stealing a bottle of liquor at the bar, making out with Ted before telling him her name, sneaking the group into a hot tub owned by the family she used to nanny for, and taking Ted to get a tattoo. Her ex-boyfriend works at the tattoo parlor where she took Ted. Though she claimed to be on good terms with her ex, he still gave the drunken Ted a tattoo of a butterfly on his lower back, which he was very unhappy with the next day.

She led to him meeting Stella, as this was the reason he visited her tattoo removal clinic in Ten Sessions.


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