For the Amanda Robin met at the Farhampton Inn in season 9, see Amanda (The Broken Code).
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Also Known As:
The Shedder, Random Skank
Ted Mosby (ex-boyfriend)
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Amanda is a chef who is seen in Say Cheese.


When Ted once ate at her restaurant, he sent back some soup in which she had shed some of her own hair, but then started going out with her. Much to Lily and Marshall's dismay, he invites Amanda to Lily's 32nd birthday party and explains how she is going to prepare the pumpkin cheesecake he was supposed to pick up for Lily.

The birthday girl is not too happy about this because she feels that Amanda is just another one of Ted's "random skanks" that he used to bringing to special occasions, and tries to take a group shot without her. The night passes by with Lily and Marshall showing increasing signs of discomfort with Amanda's presence, but the final straw for Marshall is when Amanda presents the cake upon which is piped "Happy 42nd Birthday Lori" and he kicks her out of the house. However, after seeing Ted and Marshall's first photo of them at college (for which Ted insisted he get Lily in the picture, despite her and Marshall dating only for a few weeks), Lily insists on bringing Amanda back.

The next year, it turns out that Amanda has truly become one of Ted's "random skanks", when Lily plays the "Name That Bitch" game with Ted while showing him the previous year's birthday picture. Ted mistakenly calls her "Bertha".

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